Building Crowbar post-modularization (15 minute how-to video)

Note: I’m putting build ISOs and Sledgehammer TARs on if you don’t want to follow these steps then download the ISO. We are updating the ISO daily, so don’t assume that you have that latest!

To build Crowbar, you need a Linux machine and access to the internet. The video shows how you can use an Ubuntu 10.10 Rackspace Cloud Server.  We build Crowbar inside our firewall on our PCs too. No matter how you do it, Crowbar is full of fuzzily delicious cloud bits.

For up-to-date instructions, see the Crowbar wiki Build ISO page.

9 thoughts on “Building Crowbar post-modularization (15 minute how-to video)

  1. Rob, which version of Ubuntu does the crowbar110801.iso install? Is it ubuntu-10.10-desktop or ubunto-10.10-server? 64 bit or 32 bit?



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  3. I ran through the steps here just today, maybe things have changed, but found two issues:
    1. renaming crowbar-sledgehammer to just sledgehammer broke the process. I renamed it back and the found the tftpboot image for sledgehammer.
    2. After verifying sledgehammer the process fails due to a missing ubuntu-server-amd64.iso file. Maybe I missed a step but I’m downloading that iso and will need to find where it expects to find it, perhaps the ubuntu-extras folder?


  4. I believe I misread the error message I mentioned on #2 in my first post. It reported something like “could not find our source image” right below a message about ubuntu-server-amd64.iso and I assumed that problem was it couldn’t find the iso file. But after downloading the iso file I still got errors and saw it said the curl command could not be found. Did apt-get on curl and now it’s happily building the Crowbar iso.


    • Some of these update were reflected on the Crowbar wiki and not corrected on this post. I’m glad you got it working! I’ve removed the instructions and left a pointer to the wiki instead. If you have more questions, I highly recommend posting to the Crowbar listserv.


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