The L8ist Sh9y (Latest Shiny) Podcast

Check out the L8ist Sh9y Podcast!

There are a lot of great tech podcasts there!  Yeah, I’m looking at you Cloudcast, DevOps Cafe, TheNewStack, GC On-Demand and Mike Kavis on CTP.  So, why another one?

Sometimes, we just need a good short tech rant.

The L8ist Sh9y is structured as a short and sweet rant session (5 minutes max) and then, once the we’ve vented, about 15 minutes of balanced discussion about whatever lead us to the rant.  Ideally, you’ll get the gist in 5 minutes.  I’m calling this a 5+15 format.

My goal is for episodes to be a dialog (or support session) between me and another technologist.  For that reason, I’m inviting people to reach out with their topical rant and join me for a session.  These should be fun, fast and deep – we’re going to assume that listeners can search for their homework.

There are a many items (like the Docker Fork or OpenStack on Kubernetes) that I could likely manage solo.