Apache Hadoop is an open source project that uses a common high performance computing (HPC) technique that breaks large programs into smaller pieces so they can be solved in parallel (known as Map-Reduce).  This technique is used by search engines, major retailers, social media, scientists, and many other areas.  While extremely powerful and efficient, it take highly trained engineers to harness these platforms.

Cloudera is a leading contributor to the open source Apache Hadoop project.  While much of their effort goes into maintaining and extending the shared code, they have also created a comprehensive suite of management tools and extensions that makes it easier to use the platform.

Hadoop Install Video by Mike Pittaro

My team at Dell has chosen to partner with Cloudera to deliver a complete solution, the Dell | Cloudera Apache Hadoop Solution, because we believe the combination of technologies from both companies makes This reduces the learning curve and time to value for Hadoop users.

Read more about Why Hadoop.

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