The RAVolt is a 1996 Toyota RAV4 that I converted to be a battery powered Electric Vehicle in 2007.

The RAVolt has nearly 3,000 electric miles and is still in daily use by my son (who helped with the conversion) to drive to school. We have replaced the original EV controller, batteries and radio.

The original web site (RAVolt.com) is no longer in operation, but can be seen using the Way Back Machine

After 5 months and $10k, the RAVolt is on the road for our 4th of July parade!

12/23/2013 End node: The time has come for the RAVolt to find a new home.  Last month we donated it to a non-profit for auction.  It was a very sad day but a time for the era to end.

5 thoughts on “RAVolt EV

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