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  1. Hi Rob have been working with openstack for about a month now. I have been particularly focused on Swift. While looking for information on issues I found crowbar and have now built a test system. Built at the moment on top of vmware on esx on dell hardware and on virtualbox on my mac for prototyping.

    I have a question as I have seen many inconsistencies in openstack swift deployment guides. I have used the barclamps to install a 3 storage node and a ring node compute / proxy for swift.
    I notice that you are not using swift-auth in the barclamp and I have also experienced the issues with swauth moving out of the swift build. What should I be using to add users to the build. ?

    Also some feedback translating mac addresses to servers in a virtual test environment is a bit of a nightmare. Might be something to think about in a future release.


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  6. Hi ,I download the iso @ I choose the OpenStack Folsom on Crowbar 1.5+.But I don’t konw your user name and password.please tell me.Thank you very much.


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