Green Clouds?

This is an interesting take on clouds by the Guardian.  Dell’s new cloud offerings are more power efficient; however, we are racking lots and lots of servers.  It’s like everyone in China buying fuel efficient cars – they are better then Hummers, but still going to use gas.

We’re clearly entering an age where compute consumed per person is going up dramatically.  They are correct that the cost and environmental impact of that compute is hidden from the consumer.  I have a front row seat to these cloud data centers and I can verify that lots and lots of new servers are being brought online every day. 

Welcome back to 2001.

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About Rob H

A Baltimore transplant to Austin, Rob thinks about ways of building scale infrastructure for the clouds using Agile processes. He sat on the OpenStack Foundation board for four years. He co-founded RackN enable software that creates hyperscale converged infrastructure.

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