Juxtaposition: Dave McCrory joins Dell Cloud Team & Quest acquires Surgient

Rarely in my life have I seen true juxtaposition as in the last few weeks.  Mearly hours after my long time friend and cloud conspirator, Dave McCrory, joined our team at Dell; the company that we founded, Surgient, was aquired by Quest software.  Neither of us had been there for years and had been looking for ways to work together again.  Apparently the cosmos required that we could not join forces while our first effort together was still standing.

Cloud Walker

Our cloud team at Dell is full of people who like to both dream and do.  Now that we added Dave, I am expecting BIGGER things.  We’re actively planning coordinated blogging about some of the issues and inspirations that are driving our plans.   Those topics include Dev-Ops, PaaSvsIaaS, and the real “private” cloud.

Dave, welcome back to the party!

Here’s what Dave posted:

A lot has occurred since my last blog post. I am continuing the development of my technology and working in the Cloud, however I have chosen to do this with a great team at Dell. I was approached a while back about this opportunity and as I dug deeper and saw the potential I began to buy in. Finally after meeting the great team of experts involved behind the scenes I decided to join them.
I have worked with some of the team members before including Rob Hirschfeld. Rob and I founded both ProTier (note that PODS ran on VMware’s ESX) and co-founded Surgient together (interestingly Surgient announced its acquisition by Quest Software last week). Rob and I have created a great deal of IP (Intellectual Property) in the past together, including the First Patent around Cloud Computing (This was filed as a Provisional Patent in 2001 and a Full Patent in 2002). Our time at Dell should produce some new and great work in the Applied Architectures and Intellectual Property sides.

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