New Media = multiple audiences, simulateously

Danah Boyd‘s insights about the social impact of social media constantly astonish me.  Here recent social steganography post has interesting implications for all of us operating in the topsy-turvey mixed-up world of professional personal branding.

I was interested to think of how differently we process public information and easily ignore parts that don’t make sense to us.  Perhaps a blended word, “confuscation,”  would be an easier word to grok than steganography?

Factoring multiple reader’s perspectives into writing (or presenting) is a crucial part of my daily job.  As my team works to include cloud strategy within Dell, understanding the listener’s frame of reference is essential to communicating the message.  For me, this means framing cloud services & software into units & hardware concepts.

In many ways, I think we have a greater challenge overcoming unintended steganography then learning how to enhance it.  Perhaps as we get more deliberate at it, we’ll become better at limiting the unintended confuscation.

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