Cybera’s OpenStack efforts (includes Dell xrefs)

Cybera's Everett ToewsIt’s awesome to see new deployments of OpenStack so I wanted to point out Cybera’s post about their OpenStack efforts!

Everett Toews does a nice job talking about the rationale for their decisions including some analysis of their hardware and vendor selections.  Of course, I’m also happy to have them posting links back to my Dell team’s white paper and content. 

I wanted to highlight one point that Everett makes:

“Is this the best mix of hardware possible for OpenStack? As always the answer is, “It depends.” It depends primarily on your the use cases for your cloud. We think we got a good mix of hardware but time will truely tell if it was the best mix possible for DAIR.”

I strongly agree, we (Dell) are still recommending starting with a smaller set general purpose hardware config that can be easily repurposed.  Once you’ve figured out how your application maps into OpenStack then we’ll be ready to work togther to tune that order for 1000s of servers.

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