Work with me! Our Dell team is hiring architects, engineers & open source gurus

If you’ve been watching my team’s progress at Dell on Crowbar, OpenStack and Hadoop and want a front row seat in these exciting open source projects then the ball is in our your court!   We are poised to take all three of these projects into new territories that I cannot reveal here, but, take my word for it, there has never been a better time to join our team.

Let me repeat: my team has a lot of open engineering and marketing positions.

Not only are we doing some really kick ass projects, we are also helping redefine how Dell delivers software.  Dell is investing significantly in building our software capabilities and focus.

Basically, we are looking for engineers with a passion for scale applications, devops and open source.   Experience in Hadoop and/or OpenStack will move you to the top of the pile.   These positions say Hadoop, but we’re also looking for OpenStack, DevOps and Chef.  We think like a start-up.

Ideally in Austin, Boston or the Bay.  We’ll also be happy to hear from you if you’ve got l33t chOps but are not as senior as these positions require.
If you are interested, the BEST NEXT  STEP IS TO APPLY ONLINE.
If you don’t want to click the links, I’m attaching the descriptions of the engineering positions after the split.

Systems Architect (Big Data)- Cloud Services Austin or Nashua (120004FT) -2 Recs


Dell is seeking a highly motivated senior software and systems architect to assist in the definition, development, and implementation of Business Intelligence architectures for use within Dell as well as offerings to customers. A successful candidate should have prior hands-on experience in designing and implementing Big Data infrastructures such as Hadoop. This position represents a unique, high profile opportunity for an engineer to work directly with customers and well-known product vendors in order to specify, design and implement complex solutions for our customers in emerging BI technologies.

  • Develop, within given broad objectives, engineering proposals and participate in project planning.
  • Solve complex problems in area of specialty, which requires the continued application of innovation and creativity.
  • Provide resource and schedule planning inputs for assigned projects.
  • Document results of work and make presentations to staff and/or management.
  • Attend and present at technical conferences.
  • Meet with customers and potential customers.
  • Evaluate new technologies and present proposals for their inclusion in current or new products.

Software Development Senior Engineer (Hadoop) (120004GE) -2 Recs


Dell is already well respected as a provider of hardware in support of Big Data initatives. But increasingly, Dell is making inroads into helping its customers with the software required to support their Big Data and Business intellegence needs. This position is related to working on key projects in Big Data infrastructures.

To support this effort, our Product Group organization is seeking a SW Development and Integration Engineer to drive an effort to deliver software in support of our Big Data offerings. The person we are seeking should have previous experience in driving both commercial software development and in evaluation of open source and third party developed software.

Individuals to help implement SW solutions in accordance with defined roadmap and plan. This will include and not be limited to definition and development of platforms using Hadoop. These positions are development engineers responsible for implementing integration and software that is required to give us a differentiated position in the market place. A possible solution might be the definition and development working with Perot Systems groups on development of a Hadoop based analytics engine. Development activities may include development of new modules to implement partners’ products, development of diagnostics, and development of applications for our standalone differentiated solution. Installation and packaging as well systems qualification and integration will be critical tasks.

Specific experience in Hadoop as well as building out complex software environments that have multi-tenant, distributed characteristics in a commercial business setting for delivery of solutions to end users is a critical asset of the candidate’s background.

Sr. Systems Engineer (1200074J)


As part of the Next Generation Computing Solutions organization and nested within the Cloud & Big Data solutions engineering group. At it’s core, the C&BD solutions engineering organization is chartered with identifying, developing, and bringing to market disruptive technologies that establish Dell as a thought leader and game-changer in the cloud and big-data spaces. The organization is looking for experienced, driven, technology-savvy, high-energy leaders, who are proven experts in understanding, articulating, implementing and presenting the business-value derived from technology in a multitude of settings (engineers to C-level). This person must be versatile, willing to travel, have a can-do attitude and comfortable working in a closed-nit, “start-up” environment. Additionally, this individual must be comfortable assuming a leadership role in helping Dell continue on its path to evolving into a solutions. This may translate into having an impact in all aspects of Dell’s business (sales, product management, solutions engineering, services, support, etc.) Having demonstrate-able experience in many, if not all aspects of a company is a major plus.

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