I’m seeking Nominations for OpenStack Board

The OpenStack Foundation is currently seeking nominations for community representatives for the board and I am asking for you to nominate me for that position.  Candidates are required to have ten (10) nominations to be considered for the election.  To nominate, you can join and nominate from here.  (I’m nominated, thanks!)

Rob Background:

As the OpenStack technology lead within Dell and long-time cloud deployer and developer, I made OpenStack deployability a top concern for Dell and the community.  My leadership has changed the dialog around OpenStack to be balanced between Ops and Dev.  I have also been pivotal in bringing open collaboration to OpenStack operations through our Crowbar project.   Through my role at Dell, I am actively engaged with numerous field deployments and uniquely positioned to represent OpenStack’s developer, provider and enterprise user bases.  I bring substantial process experience (Agile/Lean/CI) into my decision making.  My focus will be on ensuring OpenStack is deployable and ready for use.

More?  Ready my previous background post for previous OpenStack elections.

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