OpenStack Board Interview Series by Rafael Knuth

Rafael Knuth, Dell Rafael Knuth (@RafaelKnuth with Dell as EMEA Social Media Community Manager) has set an ambitious objective to interview all 24 of the OpenStack Foundation Board members. I had the privilege of being the first interview posted (Japanese version!).

Here’s the series so far:

  1. Rob Hirschfeld (me!) of Dell (my summary)
  2. Boris Renski of Mirantis
  3. Randy Bias of CloudScaling
  4. Jim Curry of Rackspace
  5. Yujie Due of 99cloud
  6. Tim Bell of CERN
  7. Joshua McKenty of Piston
  8. Lew Tucker of Cisco
  9. Alan Clark (Chair) of SUSE  
  10. Joseph George of Dell (added 5/22)

These are excellent interviews and worth reviewing. They give balanced (often critical) views of OpenStack, its progress and challenges.

I update the list as he adds them.

2 thoughts on “OpenStack Board Interview Series by Rafael Knuth

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