July 7 – Weekly Recap of All Things Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Welcome to the weekly post of the RackN blog recap of all things SRE. If you have any ideas for this recap or would like to include content please contact us at info@rackn.com or tweet Rob (@zehicle) or RackN (@rackngo)

SRE Items of the Week

Presidential Campaigns & Immutable Infrastructure by @danielbryantuk

At QCon New York 2017 Michael Fisher presented “Presidential Campaigns & Immutable Infrastructure” and discussed the implementation and challenges of provisioning infrastructure for the Hillary for America (HFA) campaign that ran during the 2015-2016 US regional and national elections. Immutable infrastructure was key to the technical success of the campaign – the team moved quickly, but were resilient against failure for the majority of the time. It can take more effort to apply the principle of immutability to everything being deployed, but it is beneficial and developers “like the handshake between SRE and dev”. READ MORE

So you want to be a SRE? by Ingo Averdunk‏ @ingoa

About 9 months ago I set out to leave my teaching career of six years to pursue a career as a Software Engineer. I attended a 3 month Programming Bootcamp called Hackbright Academy during which I not only learned the fundamentals of programming, but more importantly, the fundamentals of what type of work excites me. I realized that I loved design. I loved data-model design, user experience design, architectural design, system design… The list goes on, I love design. Because of this, I thought the best place for me would be as a Front End Engineer, boy was I wrong. READ MORE

LinkedIn Releases Open Source Tools

The social networking service for professionals, LinkedIn, has announced that it will be releasing a couple of key tools that will be available as open source projects. These have been primarily created to help businesses deal with issues regarding website outages. The new tools will also be enabling organizations to automatically connect with engineers whenever their applications fail. READ MORE


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