August 11 – Weekly Recap of All Things Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Welcome to the weekly post of the RackN blog recap of all things SRE. If you have any ideas for this recap or would like to include content please contact us at or tweet Rob (@zehicle) or RackN (@rackngo)

SRE Items of the Week

Report: DevOps is still considered a new phenomenon  

While companies have grasped that DevOps leads to an increase in innovation, DevOps adoption and implementation still remains a challenge for many., an AI-powered log analytics company, released its DevOps Pulse 2017 survey in time for today’s SysAdmin Day, highlighting some of the challenges and benefits to DevOps.

The DevOps Pulse report this year was based on data from a survey of 700 companies, with an additional section on DevOps culture because, according to, it’s one topic that wasn’t researched enough. READ MORE

Immutable Infrastructure Deployment Challenges for DevOps

Rob Hirschfeld and Gareth Rushgrove (@garethr) discuss the issues.

DevOps vs SRE vs Cloud Native Talk at DevOps Summit 

In his session at @DevOpsSummit at 21st Cloud Expo, Rob Hirschfeld, CEO and co-founder of RackN, will explore this trend and discuss concrete ways to cope with the coming changes. He’ll look at the reasons why SRE is attractive and get specific about ways that teams can bootstrap their efforts and keep their DevOps Fu strong.

Meet the Digital Rebar Mascot

The Digital Rebar project is pleased to announce our new mascot; however, she doesn’t have a name. We are looking for ideas and you can reach us at @digitalrebar, @zehicle, or comment on this blog. READ MORE


Rob Hirschfeld and Greg Althaus are preparing for a series of upcoming events where they are speaking or just attending. If you are interested in meeting with them at these events please email


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