Coal or Diamonds? Configuration Management is Under Pressure

Cloud Native thinking is thankfully changing the way we approach traditional IT infrastructure.  These profound changes in how we build applications with 12-factor design and containers has deep implications on how we manage configuration and the tools we use to do it.  These are not cloud only impacts – the changes impact every corner of IT data centers.

“You still have to do configuration management but… we’re getting to a point we can do a lot less” (8:30)

Configuration Management is both necessary and very hard. I’ve written and spoken about the developer rebellion against Infrastructure (and will again at DOD Dallas!).  The TL;DR on that lightning talk is “infrastructure sucks.”

In this podcast, Eric and I have time to stretch out and really discuss what’s going on with in both broad and specific terms.  At the 15 minute mark, we start talking about how “radical simplicity” is coming to provisioning and deployment automation.  We break down how the business needs for repeatable and robust automation are driving IT to rethinking huge swaths of their infrastructures.  That transitions into making a whole data center into a CI/CD pipeline.

Podcast: Episode 15: The Death of Configuration Management with Rob Hirschfeld 

“If we have radically better control of the physical infrastructure, then I don’t need anything else to install Kubernetes.” (22:00)

Like always, Eric and I are not shy about taking on IT hot topics.  Dig deep, enjoy and let us know what YOU think about these topics.  We want to hear from you.

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