We’re talking Immutable Containers at Container World





RackN is attending next week’s Container World in Santa Clara, CA and looks forward to talking not just Containers, but image-based provisioning, immutable infrastructure, DevOps, and other topics. Rob Hirschfeld and Shane Gibson are attending and speaking on Wednesday in two sessions (see below).

We are interested in meeting and talking with fellow technologists. Contact us this week so we can setup times to meet at the event.

Rob and Shane are also presenting next Wed the 28th at the Downtown San Jose DevOps Meetup at 6:30pm. The topic is Building Immutable Kubernetes Clusters.


Keeping up with patches has never been more critical.  For hardware, that’s… hard.  What if servers were deployed 100% ready to run without any need for remote configuration or access?  What if we were able to roll a complete rebuild of an entire application stack from the BIOS up in minutes?  Those are key concepts behind a cloud and container deployment pattern called “immutable infrastructure.”  It’s called immutable because the servers are deployed from container images produced by CI/CD process and destroyed after use instead of being reconfigured.  It’s a container and cloud pattern that has finally made it to physical.

In this talk, we’ll cover the specific process and its advantages over traditional server configuration. Then we’ll dive deeply into open tools and processes that make it possible to drive immutable containers into your own infrastructure. The talk will include live demos and will discuss process and field challenges that attendees will likely face when they start implementation at home.  We’ll also cover the significant security, time and cost benefits of this approach to make pitching the idea effective.

Join us for a spirited discussion engineering containers for security, touching on such topics as:

  • The security implications/value of containers on VM or Bare Metal, and is one model significantly more secure than another
  • What are the implications for one vs. the other relative to application portability?
  • Role of immutable infrastructure in managing services and software deployments in the context of security.
  • Is there an automation strategy that makes the portability question moot, or is it still an issue?
  • Security via policy and automation and how do we achieve that automation?
  • How it impacts to portability? Is it better than, or an alternative to automation?

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