Cloud Native Surfing at IBM Think 2018

Rob Hirschfeld speaks with Kevin Allen, Content Lead, IBM [@KevJosephAllen] about next week’s IBM Think 2018 conference (Mach 19-22) in Las Vegas. Contact us if you are interested in setting up a meeting with Rob next week at the event.


What is RackN working on? Physical Infrastructure Automation to manage metal in the data center as you would a VM in the cloud.

Trends in Infrastructure and Cloud space?  Getting involved in immutable infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, and focus on zero-touch management. We have also been talking about Edge Computing and how it will be managed vs cloud.

Cloud Native movement is developers on surfboards and see a huge wave in the distance, where are we now? We are still at the point in open source that the technology is powerful and people are still learning how they work. Layers are forming on top of these container tools and customers are moving up the stack to understand more and more. The tide is coming in and the waves are getting bigger with lots and lots of wavelets still growing out at sea.

Enterprise user base is looking for more integration from projects, doesn’t have to be in 1 project but multiple projects connecting with each other.

Hybrid Cloud conversation has changed? Hybrid Cloud is the way people do business. The focus has moved to Hybrid IT with infrastructure being located at various locations allowing customers to take advantage of best of breed based on needs. The market is hybrid and customers need to integrate data flows between these services. Tools are lacking in this marketplace to manage this.

Looking forward to Think 2018? Interested in new AI and machine learning but key focus for the event is talking to real users and seeing real applications. Focus on actual deployments of this technology is more important that what is coming.

Advice for Event? Comfortable shoes. Allow time for unexpected things to happen – attend new talks based on speakers or topics you don’t know much about.

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