Week in Review: Digital Rebar Provision v3.8.0 Release

Welcome to the RackN and Digital Rebar Weekly Review. You will find the latest news related to Edge, DevOps, SRE and other relevant topics.

Digital Rebar Provision Announces v3.8.0 – Workflows

Workflows are a first-class element of the system now. They have their own API endpoint and machine object field. They simplify all the MATH that used to be in the change-stage/map.

Key Features in the Release:

  • Workflows
    • Create Workflow object that replaces change-stage/map method for changing stages on machines
    • Maintain backwards compatibility with the change-stage/map system.
    • Update Machine object to have workflow as first-class field
    • Update Validations to properly control workflow states.
    • Allow events to be publish but not propagated. This allows for local log file logging of events without loops.
    • Add Windows-based drpcli to drp
    • More



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