Network World on Ubuntu Cloud

My team at Dell is working on solutions around this cloud strategy.  I like the approach that Canonical & Ecalyptus are taking concerning the use of open source (KVM), ad hoc API standards (Amazon), and flexible storage configurations (DAS or SAN).

Looking at usage trends, stateless server designs (as we get closer to PaaS) will allow us to rethink how we architect hypervisor based clouds.  Of course, this requires us to rethink application architectures and the OS choices that we make to run them. 

Thanks for for the link  that got this thought started.  Network World says…

“Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud provides tight integration between Ubuntu and Ecalyptus and a series of CLI tools (made even more simple by apps like HybridFox with gives them a GUI) that follows along Amazon’s construction. Work done for Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud ends up being somewhat reusable if you’re transporting your work to Amazon.”

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