Getting cozy with “Adjacent Services”

I’ve had a busy week with Azure Training and Cloud Camp Seattle.  It’s going to take a few days to unwind specific posts about both, but I wanted to hit some shiny new thoughts.

Services helping each other

  • Adjacent Services are dedicated and/or public services (XaaS) that are offered along side generic public cloud offerings.   For a company like Dell (my employer), this could be specific brands of storage or databases (e.g. Oracle).  I believe these are much higher margin XaaS than IaaS.
  • Layer 7 Load Balancers represent a more intelligent link between load direction and the applications. I heard people using this term in multiple contexts.   For example,  In Azure, the apps can set themselves as “offline” and they will stop getting traffic then they can turn themselves online when they are ready for more.
  • Cloud Rollout/Migration is a rolling upgrade scheme where you can send traffic to 2 versions of your application at the same time!  You upgrade by zones and if you have >2 zones then you’ll have two active versions at the same time.  Your data models need to accommodate this.
  • We don’t have enough Agile Cloud programming books (like Dave Thomas’ RoR Intro).  We need a cloud programming book that STARTS WITH INTEGRATION TESTS and shows how to use all the adjacent services.  I may just have to write one (or three).

Thanks to many many at Microsoft for the great Azure training sessions.  I’ll add more names, but for now I have links to Steve Marx ( & Srirm Krishnan (Sriram .

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