Adding #11 to RightScale CEO’s Top 10 Cloud Myths

Generally, I think of a “Top 10 Cloud Myths” post as pure self-serving marketing fluffery, so I was pleasantly surprised to see Michael Crandal (RightScale’s CEO) producing a list with some substance.   Don’t get me wrong, the list is still a RightScale value prop 101.  It’s just that they have the good fortune to be addressing real problems and creating real value.

So, here’s my Myth #11 “We have to re-write our applications to run in the cloud.”  While that’s largely a myth; it may be a good myth to keep around because many applications SHOULD be rewritten – not for the cloud, but for changing usage patterns (more mobile users, more remote users, more SOA clients, etc)

4 thoughts on “Adding #11 to RightScale CEO’s Top 10 Cloud Myths

  1. I think the “SHOULD be rewritten” part goes for most applications period, if they’re going in the cloud or not. So much of the software out there inappropriately utilizes whatever resources are available – and in the cloud that is often drawn out in a higher cost. Poor design equals poor price points.


    • Agreed, but I’m not sure how practical in practice – the times I’ve been told “rewrite it but don’t change it” are some of my worst job moments.

      I’m 100% in favor of incremental, non-breaking migrations. There needs to be SOME forward motion.


  2. You may be right for some applications. You may need to re-write code that does not scale to use the features of the cloud that scale for example.

    For some classic single LAMP projects I find that no changes are needed at all to use a single AWS Server.

    The issues start when you want to Scale Up and Scale Down in numbers of servers. Then the issues if code design start to come into play. Sessions? Uploads? State? DB Connections? And the list goes on and on….

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