Dell to spin bare iron into OpenStack gold

I’m at the CloudConnect conference today supporting my team’s initial OpenStack foray.   Our announcement part of the Rackspace Cloud Builders announcement.

Tonight (3/8), we’re at the Rackspace Launch with a pony rack of servers (6 nodes) where we will run a LIVE DEMO of our cloud installer (codename “Crowbar”).  The initial offer includes my hyperscale white paper and our cloud foundation kit.

Interested in the details?  Here are background posts that talk about the Lean/Agile process we use, what is Crowbar, and my write up about hyperscale (“flat edge”) data centers.

Added 3/9: Links to articles about the release:

Here’s what Dell is saying about OpenStack on

Dell is one of the original partners in the OpenStack community, which has now grown to more than 50 companies and participants. To accelerate adoption of this powerful platform, Dell has worked to develop an effortless out-of-box OpenStack experience with:
  • Optimized PowerEdge™ C-based hardware configurations
  • A technical whitepaper that details the design of an OpenStack hyperscale cloud on PowerEdge C server technology
  • An OpenStack installer that allows bare metal deployment of OpenStack clouds in a few hours (vs. a manual installation period of several days)

Read more about the steps to design an OpenStack hyperscale cloud in a Dell technical whitepaper entitled “Bootstrapping OpenStack Clouds.”

Interested?  Contact

14 thoughts on “Dell to spin bare iron into OpenStack gold

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  6. Hi Rob, regarding this comment in the Bootstrapping Hyperscale Clouds whitepaper: ” This layer supports multiple APIs (Amazon, Rackspace/OpenStack)
    and hypervisors (currently KVM, XenServer, and Hyper-V, with VMware expected soon).”, at what layer is it looking that Openstack will integrate with VMware? vCD, vCenter or Hypervisor?


    • Good question. It’s different than KVM or Xen because we cannot install an agent directly on the base OS. My understanding of the VMware integration is that it will had a dedicated API interface VM on each host instead of relying on vCenter to provide aggregation of multiple hosts. This uses more overhead on each host, but complies better with the “flat edges” concept that I laid out in the white paper.


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