OpenStack Cloud Training announced by RackSpace. Sessions in London@Rackspace & Austin@Dell

Talking to WHIR today, Joseph George and I were asked what’s the biggest gap in OpenStack?  Our answer: operator expertise!

That’s why I’m excited to post about  hands on Cloud Builder Training sessions based on the Rackspace training announcement yesterday.

Dell is hosting one of the five-day sessions at our Austin campus (register) starting on October 24th.  Other sessions are in Boston (9/26) and London (10/10).

If you come to the Austin session, I can guarantee you’ll get to meet some of our Austin team (Rob, Joseph, Greg, Victor, AD, Nick and Joey).  I’ll try to setup a visit to the Boston sessions by some of our Nashua NH members (Dan, Scott, Andi, Randy, Audra and Paul).

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