Fast, Simple, Open Provisioning – Rethinking Infrastructure with Cloud-Centric Automation

Operating hardware is too hard today. And too expensive.  Let’s fix that.

The problem with physical ops is not that it’s hard, complex or fragile. Okay, it is and those ARE problems, but they are compounded by the lack of shared management software and practices missing from this layer.  When the RackN team set out to solve these physical challenges, we knew the software had to be very focused to replace the current Cobbler and Foreman environments. It also had to be flexible and composable for heterogeneous environments or we’d be right back into snowflake custom DevOps.

We’re talking about a platform that finally addresses full lifecycle control at the hardware layer with open software.  That’s complex stuff automated in a reusable way.

Even worse, being both simple and flexible for ops is a design nightmare.

Yet, we think we’ve found the right balance by combining v3.1 Digital Rebar Provision with an online library of extension packages from RackN.  Keeping Digital Rebar Provision lightweight with minimal bootstrapping and configuration makes it simple to operate.  The RackN user interface (UI) makes the service even easier to use allowing users to pick from a catalog of next steps.

We’re asking for your help to redefine data center economics from these basic starting building blocks and then join our journey from simple automation to full autonomy.

We are pleased to announce the RackN Beta Program today for your opportunity to evaluate our current solution and work together to solve your provisioning challenges. To participate in the beta please email us at, add your email on the RackN Beta Program website, or contact us twitter at @rackngo.

For more information on the RackN Beta Program, please listen to this podcast:

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