Podcast with Yves Boudreau talks Heterogeneity in the Edge





Joining this week’s L8ist Sh9y Podcast is Yves Boudreau, VP or Partnerships and Ecosystem Strategy at Ericsson. Rob Hirschfeld and Yves discuss the Ericsson Unified Delivery Network platform and the concept of a global content provider service built on heterogeneous infrastructure. Yves also provides insight into what webscale customers are looking for in the Edge as they give thought around balancing their applications from public cloud services to future edge clouds.  Finally, Rob and Yves talk about the coming fundamental change in how software is created and run “independent” of hardware.”  Yves can be contacted via LinkedIn.

Topic                                      Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Introduction                                                   0.00 – 2.11
Ericsson Unified Delivery Network            2.11 – 3.01
Service Providers Space                              3.01 – 4.05
Operator Customers                                    4.05 – 5.22
Content Provider want global coverage  5.22 – 7.15
Example                                                         7.15 – 8.34
Edge Infrastructure w/ CDN                      8.34 – 9.42
Distributed Heterogeneous Infra               9.42 – 11.30
Baking Cloud Consumption into Edge    11.30 –  11.56
Multi-Tenant Infra at Edge                         11.56 – 14.05
Delivery of the Edge                                   14.05 – 16.16
Amazon Lambda is Expectation              16.06 – 20.36
Containers are Edge EC2?                         20.36 – 25.18
Is Edge Greenfield Work?                          25.18 – 29.12
Fundamental Software Change                29.12 – 31.29
Locked-In “Debt” always Re-appears      31.29 – 35.28
Conclusion                                                    35.28 – END

Podcast Guest: Yves Boudreau

Mr. Boudreau is a 20 year veteran of the Digital, Telecom and Cable TV industries. From modest beginnings of one of the first cable broadband ISPs in Canada to the fast paced technology hub of Silicon Valley, Yves joined ERICSSON in 2011 as Vice President of Technical Sales Support and most recently has accepted a position as the VP of Partnerships and Ecosystem Strategy for the ERICSSON Unified Delivery Network. Previously, Mr. Boudreau has worked in R&D, Systems Engineering & Business Development for companies such as Com21 Inc., ARRIS Group (Cable), Imagine Communication (Video Compression) and Verivue Inc. (CDN). Yves now resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Josée and 3 children. Mr. Boudreau completed his undergraduate studies in Commerce @ Laurentian University and graduate studies in Information Technology Management @ Athabasca University. Yves currently also serves on the Board of Director of the Streaming Video Alliance (www.streamingvideoalliance.org)

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