Podcast – Year of the Crawfish Recap and 2018 Predictions for Bare Metal, Virtualization, Edge and Serverless

Welcome to the final L8istSh9y Podcast for 2017 with a recap of Rob Hirschfeld’s predictions for 2017 (2016 Infrastructure Revolt makes 2017 the “year of the IT Escape Clause”) as well as a look ahead into 2018. Key topics covered in the podcast:

  • Hybrid is Reality; How do I Cope with it?
  • Site Reliability Engineering; People are Just Doing it
  • Bare Metal to Immutable Images
  • Virtualization Decline with Bare Metal Growth
  • 2018 is not the Year of Serverless
  • Edge Computing Still Not Ready for Prime Time
  • OpenStack Foundation as Open Infrastructure Group

Topic                                                       Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Introduction                                               0.0 – 1.50
2017 ~ Year of Crawfish                           1.50 – 3.00  (Summary)
Hybrid Mainstream                                  3.00 – 7.30
Site Reliability Engineering                    7.30 – 12.45 (Cloud Native Infrastructure Book)
RackN Changed Focus to Bare Metal  12.45 – 13.50
Bare Metal to Immutable                       13.50 – 17.03
Decline of Virtualization                         17.03 – 21.47  (ARM Servers)
Serverless – Not in 2018                         21.47 – 22.57
Edge Computing                                      23.16 – 26.39
OpenStack Foundation                           26.39 – 32.55
Wrap Up                                                    32.55 – END


Thank you for joining us in the past few months in launching our new Podcast focused on DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering, Operators, Infrastructure, Edge Computing, Cloud Computing and other related topics. Please contact us if you are looking for information on a specific topic for a future podcast or if you are interested in participating as a guest.

Podcast Home Page – L8istSh9y Podcast
YouTube Videos of Audio Podcasts – Playlist

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