Podcast: Dave McCrory on Data Gravity, Data Inertia, and Edge

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Dave McCrory, VP of Engineering for Machine Learning at GE Digital. He focuses on several interesting topics:

  • Data Gravity Overview
  • Data “Training” – Monetization – Application Usage in Edge
  • Multi-Tenancy in Edge?

Topic                                                            Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Introduction                                                  0.0 –  0.33
Data Gravity                                                  0.33 – 4.36 (CTO Advisor Podcast)
Latency vs Volume of Data                        4.36 – 9.00  (Data Gravity Mathematics)
Day Job at GE                                               9.00 – 11.25
Training the Data in the Field                    11.25 – 14.38
Core Data Centers                                       14.38 – 18.03
Half-Life on a Data Model                          18.03 – 19.27
Keep the Data? Plane Example                19.27 – 24.58 (Data Inertia)
Monetize Data in Motion                            24.58 – 29.45 (Uber Credit Card)
Data at the Edge for App Usage               29.45 – 36.40 (Augmented Reality Example)
Portability of Processing and Platforms   36.40 – 41.45
Scale Needs Multi-Tenant                          41.45 – 46.00
Wrap-Up                                                        46.00 – END

Podcast Guest
Dave McCrory, VP of Engineering for Machine Learning at GE Digital

Currently I’m the VP of Engineering for the ML division of GE Digital. Our group creates scalable, production ready solutions for the Internal Business Units of GE. We focus on solving complex Industrial IoT problems using Machine Learning in industries such as Aviation, Energy, Healthcare, and Oil & Gas to name a few.

Follow Dave at https://blog.mccrory.me/

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