January 19: Weekly Review of Digital Rebar and RackN with DevOps and Edge News

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Items of the Week

Industry News

In 2017, more companies than ever before decided to start their DevOps journey. As with anything new, there’s a learning curve: The trick is identifying missteps before they become bad habits, because habits can be hard to break.

As you refine your DevOps strategies for the new year, it’s important to take a critical look back and seek out these troublemakers. These issues may not be obvious – so we asked business leaders and DevOps practitioners to help, by sharing their wisdom on the worst DevOps behaviors standing in the way of success.

Read on for the top 10 offenders. If you’re guilty of any of these, now is the time to kick these bad habits to the curb and maximize DevOps success in 2018.

CONNECTED devices now regularly double as digital hoovers: equipped with a clutch of sensors, they suck in all kinds of information and send it to their maker for analysis. Not so the wireless earbuds developed by Bragi, a startup from Munich. They keep most of what they collect, such as the wearers’ vital signs, and crunch the data locally. “The devices are getting smarter as they are used,” says Nikolaj Hviid, its chief executive.

Bragi’s earplugs are at the forefront of a big shift in the tech industry. In recent years ever more computing has been pushed into the “cloud”, meaning networks of big data centres. But the pendulum has already started to swing: computing is moving back to the “edge” of local networks and intelligent devices.

There are so many terms floating around IT worlds today. Just as you start to figure out DevOps, DevSecOps or Secure DevOps jumps onto your radar. It’s certainly not a new term by today’s standard of “new,” but it doesn’t have the same notoriety that DevOps has.

DevSecOps is as simple as it sounds, it is the conscious integration of security into the DevOps process. With the news about Meltdown and Spectre, having the most efficient security processes is critical. The mindset of both DevOps and DevSecOps is essentially the same, increase collaboration and efficiency. One question you might be asking is, what is the benefit of DevSecOps versus DevOps alone?

Digital Rebar


An interesting paradox in technology is our desire to obsess over the latest shiny (Note our L8istSh9y Podcast) object promising the moon; however, we tend to hold on to our reliable, dependable solutions that become outdated.  A great example of this reliance on outdated technology is the well-known Linux provisioning tool Cobbler.

Cobbler was built specially for Linux in the pre-cloud days with version 2.2.3-1 released in June 2012. The product continues on a schedule of 2 releases a year with the last update in September 2017. There is no commercial support, minimal development and hardly anyone keeping the lights on.  In today’s security landscape, that’s not a safe place for a critical infrastructure service.

The Digital Rebar community has taken the learnings from the Cobbler community.

We’ve built a SaaS-based platform that brings the efficiency and automation of the cloud into your existing infrastructure. It’s called RackN – making provisioning, control, and orchestration simple. We built it to give organizations like yours the benefits you see others getting through public clouds like AWS and Google. Things like compliance, repeatability, scalability, security, and speed. It’s a platform made to overcome the difficult operational challenges of physical infrastructure.

Obtain access to the latest RackN technology with support and training from the RackN team. Additional services for customized engagements are available. Start your 30-day trial of RackN software today.

L8ist Sh9y Podcast

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Dave McCrory, VP of Engineering for Machine Learning at GE Digital. He focuses on several interesting topics:

• Data Gravity Overview
• Data “Training” – Monetization – Application Usage in Edge
• Multi-Tenancy in Edge?


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