January 26: Weekly Review Of Digital Rebar And RackN With DevOps And Edge News

Welcome to the weekly post of the RackN blog recap of all things Digital Rebar, RackN, Edge Computing, and DevOps. If you have any ideas for this recap or would like to include content please contact us at info@rackn.com or tweet RackN (@rackngo)

Items of the Week

Virtually everybody is interested in doing DevOps these days, but more than that, there is tremendous pressure to do DevOps right. After all, the IT landscape is littered with technologies and initiatives that seemed to promise great things but, for one reason or another, failed to deliver.

When it comes to DevOps, the concept is solid – faster, more agile, development, lower costs, a better user experience – so the only thing that can really foul it up at this point is execution. And since DevOps requires not just a new technology but a new way of managing people and processes, there are many ways in which execution can spell the difference between success and failure.

If cloud computing has been at the top of CIO’s minds for the last dozen years, Edge Computing is now taking its place. For those not yet familiar with the term, edge computing processes data at the edge of the network, as close to the point of its creation as possible. Take for example autonomous cars, they are full of embedded technologies, sensors and communication systems continuously generating data. If they have to send the data that they collect through systems like GPS, Lidar (a surveying method that measures distance to a target by illuminating that target with a pulsed laser light) and video cameras (they keep track of the positions of other vehicles, look out for pedestrians and obstacles) to the cloud for processing and then wait for analysis and insight before action is taken…well, accidents can happen. Much of the data that is collected at the edge of the network needs to be processed in real time by edge computing so analytics can be done and knowledge can be transferred in places where split seconds matter.

The Linux Foundation this week announced the formation of the LF Networking Fund, or LFN, an initiative to combine the multiple open source networking projects currently under its supervision.

Host to many of the top open source networking projects, The Linux Foundation said it was time to streamline how it oversees its various ventures, said Arpit Joshipura, general manager of networking and orchestration at The Linux Foundation.

Digital Rebar


ISO-less install – the ability to use the Repos feature to create / replace bootenv ISO pieces with remote items

Logging system update to allow for log events with configurable log levels and tracing.


This Integration Gap presents significant challenges to DevOps teams looking to deploy a variety of platforms with their chosen Orchestration tool. We seamlessly integrate the Control and Provision layer with any Orchestration or Platform chosen providing a single foundational platform to manage your infrastructure.

We’ve built a SaaS-based platform that brings the efficiency and automation of the cloud into your existing infrastructure. It’s called RackN – making provisioning, control, and orchestration simple. We built it to give organizations like yours the benefits you see others getting through public clouds like AWS and Google. Things like compliance, repeatability, scalability, security, and speed. It’s a platform made to overcome the difficult operational challenges of physical infrastructure.

Obtain access to the latest RackN technology with support and training from the RackN team. Additional services for customized engagements are available. Start your 30-day trial of RackN software today.

L8ist Sh9y Podcast

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Tim Crawford from AVOA who is ranked as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Chief Technology Officers (#4) and Top 100 Cloud Expert and Influencer. He focuses on several interesting topics:

* CIO selection of new technology for enterprise
* Challenges for Enterprise to patch and upgrade software/hardware
* Edge Computing – what it is, CIO thinking
* Vendor Landscape
* Open Source for CIOs – when to use and why

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