Full Stack Physical Provisioning Automation: Metal to Platform Delivery

RackN and the Digital Rebar community are focused on solving key issues learned from enterprise DevOps teams:

  1. Operations are inconsistent, manual and heterogeneous
  2. Foundational automation makes many problems go away
  3. “Apply, Rinse, Repeat” (aka Immutable Infrastructure)

The learnings from these experiences led the RackN founders to analyze the current state of the provisioning to platform marketplace which is currently a jumble of disconnected tools that have been architected and released over the past 20 to 30 years. As you can see in the diagram below, there exists an Integration Gap between the limited number of Provision/Control tools and a large selection of Orchestration/Platforms.

This Integration Gap presents significant challenges to DevOps teams looking to deploy a variety of platforms with their chosen Orchestration tool. We seamlessly integrate the Control and Provision layer with any Orchestration or Platform chosen providing a single foundational platform to manage your infrastructure.

With a solid foundation built on Digital Rebar and RackN, operators can proactively choose how far up the stack they wish to deploy without being locked in from old tools. For example, Digital Rebar can simply provision a Windows or Linux OS, an Ansible or Chef environment, or continue up the stack to a complete Kubernetes Cluster.

This flexibility from a single Provision and Control platform meets the needs of operators faced with complexity in heterogeneous infrastructure, clouds, and edge computing. This foundation enables IT to take advantage of new deployment concepts such as Immutable Infrastructure.  

Get started today with our 30-day trial to see how Digital Rebar and RackN can automate your provisioning and control technology to meet the rapidly accelerating demands on internal IT teams.

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