Great Fun Accessing your Infrastructure: How Secure are You?

How secure is your infrastructure? Not just your internal data centers, but what about your networks connecting to public clouds or hosting providers? How about your corporate data which could be anywhere in the world as you certainly have Shadow IT somewhere?

RackN believes that IT security begins with a secure foundation for provisioning not only within your data center but into your cloud environments as well. Having a single tool architected with security as a key feature allows SecOps to spend more time worrying about protecting attacks at the application and data storage layer instead of allowing attacks at the metal.  

Issue – Secure the Enterprise

  • Many enterprises fail to patch both software and hardware on a regular basis due to their inability to reliably and safely manage the process without impacting service delivery.
  • With applications and data running globally, IT has lost the ability to know with certainty where their services are operating from and how secure they are; this is true even beyond public clouds.

Impact – Business is Digital

  • All business is now digital and a majority of companies don’t have the technical staff to ensure a high level of security and simply trusting cloud providers is not enough.
  • Companies must ensure that networks are protected and that applications and hardware are updated with the latest patches; is your company doing this?

RackN Solution – Secure Foundation

  • Delivering provisioning via an automated layered approach provides IT teams a secure and repeatable process to ensure application availability regardless of location; e.g. Data Center, Hosting Provider, Public Cloud, and eventually Edge infrastructure.
  • Like any construction project security starts with a solid foundation; RackN is that foundation to build your IT infrastructure on.

The RackN team is ready to start you on the path to operations excellence:

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