Week in Review: common customer challenges and news on DevOps and edge computing


Welcome to our new format for the RackN and Digital Rebar Weekly Review. It contains the same great information you are accustomed to; however, I have reorganized it to place a new section at the start with my thoughts on various topics. You can still find the latest news items related to Edge, DevOps and other relevant topics below.

Common Customer Challenges in Infrastructure Automation

RackN was started to solve the challenges faced in provisioning today’s heterogeneous IT environments with bare metal, containers, VMs, and in the future edge. Here are some common issues we are solving for today:

  • How can I eliminate manual, repetitive tasks that often lead to mistakes?
  • How can I merge my 15 different custom provisioning tools to 1 solution?
  • How can leave Cobbler and move to a modern solution without disrupting my servers?
  • How can I run my data center operationally like a cloud provider?
  • How can I manage a heterogeneous environment without customization for each component?
  • How can I reliably patch my software and hardware to upgrade security without significant downtown?

If these issues sound familiar to you, it’s time to learn more about RackN and how we are automating infrastructure with physical operations solutions. Contact us or visit www.rackn.com.

RackN Monthly Newsletter

We distribute a monthly email newsletter on the 2nd Monday every month focused on a common customer issue. This month’s topic is Cobbler replacement. See it here.



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