Podcast – Dave Nielsen talks Redis and usage at the Edge

Joining us this week is Dave Nielsen, Head of Ecosystem Programs at Redis Labs. Dave provides background on the Redis project and discusses ideas for using Redis in edge devices.


  • Background of Redis project and Redis Labs
  • Redis and Edge Computing
  • Where is the Edge?
  • Raspberry Pi for edge devices? It’s about management
  • Wasteland of IT management at the edge

Topic                                                                                  Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Introduction                                                                     0.0 – 1.40
What is Redis and Redis Labs?                                    1.40 – 6.18
Redis product                                                                  6.18 – 6.54 (in-memory data store)
Need to store state of service                                      6.54 – 10.40 (queue storage in memory)
Using Redis at edge                                                       10.40 – 15.01(Dave’s definition of edge)
Data generated at edge than can be uploaded       15.01 – 16.55
Redis and other platforms at edge                             16.55 – 18.01 (Kubernetes, Docker)
Does edge need platform and a winner?                  18.01 – 21.01
Global distribution to edge sites                                 21.01 – 24.55 (Where is the edge?)
Difference b/w CDN and containers                          24.55 – 26.10 (Storage vs Compute)
Smaller devices and intermediary edge hub           26.10 – 34.10 (Raspberry Pi)
IoT devices fragmented market and hubs                34.10 – 36.44
Pushing updates at massive scale                             36.44 – 40.55 (infra not data centers)
How get code out to the edge devices?                   40.55 – 44.00 (unchartered territory)
Wrap Up                                                                          44.00 – END

Podcast Guest: Dave Nielsen, Head of Ecosystem Programs at Redis Labs

Dave works for Redis Labs organizing workshops, hackathons, meetups and other events to help developers learn when and how to use Redis. Dave is also the co-founder and lead organizer of CloudCamp, a community of Cloud Computing enthusiasts in over 100 cities around the world. Dave graduated from Cal Poly: San Luis Obispo and has worked in developer relations for 12 years at companies like PayPal, Strikeiron and Platform D. Dave gained modest notoriety when he proposed to his girlfriend in the book “PayPal Hacks.”

Twitter: @davenielsen


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