Podcast – Matt Trifiro talks Jitter, Real Estate and Augmented Reality for Edge

Joining us this week is Matt Trifiro, CMO of Vapor.io. Matt offers insight into how Edge infrastructure and 5G will be deployed to meet the increased demand for low latency, high data distributed technology.


  • Edge is a place: the last mile network
  • Jitter at the Edge (Jitter definition)
  • Data sovereignty and location
  • Apps for Edge have are not similar to existing apps for communication processes
  • Edge as multi-vendor data sharing environment
  • Real estate problem – solved by Akamai
  • Vision of schedulers on keeping apps running vs keeping apps fast
  • Cloud providers will extend into the Edge
  • Augmented reality discussion of video and latency (Digital Twin)
  • Importance of 5G to Edge and commercial impact
  • Real estate is key in Edge computing
  • Building and Managing Edge infrastructure
  • What does Vapor do?

Topic                                                                                    Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Introduction (and US Weather Update)                                0.0 – 2.51
Edge Computing Podcasting & Dr Edge                              2.51 – 4.00
Definition of Edge (Many Defs) / Latency                            4.00 – 7.15
Jitter – Signal Variation in Data Transfers                              7.15 – 8.48
Data Sovereignty and Location                                               8.48 – 9.45
Apps for Edge have a Unique Communication Pattern.     9.45 – 11.42
Edge as Multi-Vendor Data Sharing Environment               11.42 – 16.00
Real Estate Problem and Tracking                                         16.00 – 20.43 (Chetan Podcast)
Vision of Schedulers                                                                 20.43 – 21.27
Extending Edge from Cloud Providers                                  21.27 – 24.07
Human vs Machine Latency                                                    24.07 – 29.13
How Important is 5G?                                                               29.13 – 34.18
REIT Structures for Data Centers                                           34.18 – 35.19
How do we Build & Manage Edge Infrastructure?              35.19 – 40.07
What does Vapor.io do?                                                           40.07 – 45.06
Wrap Up                                                                                     45.06 – END

Podcast Guest: Matt Trifiro, CMO of Vapor.io

Matt Trifiro leads the company’s global marketing, branding and communications. He is a technology industry veteran and a serial entrepreneur, having co-founded or led over a half dozen startup companies. Prior to joining Vapor IO, he was entrepreneur in residence at Xseed Capital and chief marketing officer and senior vice president at Mesosphere. At Mesosphere, he created a new industry category, the Datacenter Operating System, and helped the organization grow from a seed stage startup to a full-scale operating company, generating significant revenue. Prior to Mesosphere, Trifiro was chief marketing officer at Heroku, a division of Salesforce, and prior to that he served as senior vice president of marketing for Salesforce Desk.com. He was also a co-founder and CEO of e-commerce startup 1000 Markets (sold to Bonanza) and co-founder and vice president of marketing for interactive television pioneer Wink Communications (NASDAQ IPO). He currently holds advisory roles with venture-funded startups Buoyant and ListenLoop.

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