Podcast – Scott Lowe on Heptio, it’s Kubernetes Strategy and Open Source Sustainability

Joining us this week is Scott Lowe, Staff Field Engineer at Heptio recorded at Interop ITX 2018. Scott is well known for his impact on virtualization and VMware, follow him at his weblog and podcast called The Full Stack Journey.


  • Coming new to container space and view of infrastructure within the stack
  • Why he chose Heptio and its transition up the stack away from virtualization
  • Heptio strategy? Open source based
  • Commercial strategy to support open source in Kubernetes
  • Monetization of open source projects challenges
  • Building applications to run on “standard” Kubernetes

Topic                                                                                   Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Introduction                                                                          0.0 – 2.28
Container Prerequisites                                                      2.28 – 3.40
Infrastructure Story and Moving Up/Down Stack         3.40 – 4.55
Why Heptio and transition to containers?                       4.55 – 9.10 (Approach to Kubernetes)
Heptio Trying to Plug “Holes in the Dam” – Strategy?   9.10 – 12.10
Open Source Engineering Sustainability                         12.10 – 18.00 (No Fork)
Will Kubernetes Stabilize?                                                 18.00 – 20.11
Community Models for Open Source                              20.00 – 24.32
Consumers of Open Source need Pay for Support       24.32 – 27.17
Should ISVs write to Kubernetes Platform                      27.17 – 32.03
20 years of VMware : time to become platform             32.03 – 34.35
Wrap Up                                                                                34.35 – END



Podcast Guest: Scott Lowe, Staff Field Engineer at Heptio

I’ve been in the Information Technology field for more than 25 years, starting out with desktop support. Along the way, I’ve worked as an instructor, a technical trainer and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), a systems administrator, an IT manager, a system engineer, a consultant, as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for a small start-up, as the practice lead for a national VAR’s VMware practice, as a forward-looking technologist for a large enterprise storage company, and—most recently—as a technologist for VMware focusing on network virtualization.

Currently, I work for Heptio as a member of the Field Engineering team, focusing on cloud computing, Kubernetes, and related technologies.

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