Crowbar build, build, run notes on project Github Wiki

Now that Crowbar has a Dell sponsored listserv and Wiki, I’m encouraging people to use those resources.

We are still adding to the wiki, but it’s got the basics covered.

Here are the links to get started:

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16 thoughts on “Crowbar build, build, run notes on project Github Wiki

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  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful tool. I have installed and are playing with it now. The question I have is that how can I add another interface IP to manage the crowbar. It seems whenever I add anothr interface Chef over writes it.(which there is a warning that say this on the interface file).
    Is there a way to manage crowbar along eth0 like eth1, eth2, etc…
    I am trying to manage using eth0 as well as other interface from private network.

    Yemane Berhane.


    • Thanks for the comment!

      I’ve asked Greg Althaus to jump in with a reply. He’s our network barclamp guru. I’d also recommend the list server for questions like these.


      • Hello Rob,

        I was able to configure crowbar using roles with 1 nova-multi-controller, 3 nova-multi-compute and 1 nova-dashboard server. I rebooted all the servers and all came back green after a two hour or so. The only thing that was installed the proper role is the controller and all came with a prompt. But once I logged in to them no nova running on the compute-node and when I logged in on the dashboard server no apache or any nova-api installed.

        in total (five server discovered and all yellow blinking light on all of them)

        What I did is created a proposal for nova that included the following:
        nova-multi-controller (added one of the server that to this list)
        nova-multi-compute (added three servers to this list)
        nova-dashboard (added one server to this list)
        Saved the proposal
        applied the proposal.

        All rebooted and start doing the installation.
        Red blinking status was blinking then
        After two hour or so they all turned green and no blinking yellow on the proposal for nova.

        But like I said the only thing that seems to work is the controller which is running the nova-controller.

        I have no idea how to get to the openstack dashboard. What I did is try the URL with the ip of which was listed on the crowbar dashboard for that server. But nothing..comes up..I check apache on the system and its not installed/running at all.

        Do I need to do anything on the nova-compute nodes or the nova-dashboard server for it to get it to work. I am thinking when I drag the server and put it on one of the roles under the nova proposal all the necessary packages will be installed to that server like it did to the nova-multi-controller server.

        Thanks for your help.

        Yemane Berhane.


      • Yemane,

        Thanks for the great description of bringing up Nova!!

        What you described sounds like it is working. Dashboard is not included in our Nova barclamp. The controller is the API. The other servers are the vm hosts.

        Also, You’ll get faster response if you use the list serve for questions.


  3. Hi,
    I have read the document “crowbar deployment guide”.In chapter “installing crobar”, I have not found the DB information.As far as know, crowbar uses Chef as it’s database.Is it nessary to install chef before?


    • When you install Crowbar (from the ./install script) it will install Chef Server with Crowbar. Crowbar is a Ruby app and uses the Chef gem to access the local Chef Server via its REST API. All data access for Crowbar uses this API. If you make changes in Crowbar, you will see it reflected in Chef (typically under “crowbar” in nodes, roles, and databags).


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