Hadoop Crowbar released to open source! (plus AN HOUR of videos!)

I’m proud to announce that my team at Dell has open sourced our Apache Hadoop barclamps!  This release follows our Dell | Cloudera Hadoop Solution open source commitment from Hadoop World earlier this month.

As part of this release, we’ve created nearly AN HOUR of video content showing the Hadoop Barclamps in action, installing Crowbar (on CentOS), building Crowbar ISOs in the cloud and specialized developer focused builds.

If you want to talk to the Crowbar team.  We’re attending events in Boston 11/29, Seattle 11/30, and Austin 12/8.

Here are links to the videos:

More Hadoop perspectives from Dell:  Joseph George on what it means and  Barton George‘s backgrounder about barclamps.

Hadoop Demo

How to Install Crowbar from an ISO (download from crowbar.zehicle.com)

How to create your own ISO

3 thoughts on “Hadoop Crowbar released to open source! (plus AN HOUR of videos!)

  1. I watched Rob’s video introduction to Crowbar, and I got a feeling that Crowbar is an automatic deployment tool https://robhirschfeld.com/category/development/crowbar/page/2/

    I also understand Dell partnered with Cloudera to developed a Crowbar for Hadoop barclamp. Isn’t it an overlapped product to Cloudera Manager http://www.cloudera.com/blog/2011/12/cloudera-manager-3-7-released/ from Hadoop Admin perspective?

    I guess I’d like to understand the high level difference (goal, philosophy, approach, administrator experience …) for the two products. And if my feeling of the similarity is totally wrong, please also kindly point out to help me get a clear picture.



    • Sean – good questions. I wish I had time for a deeper answer (like a full post about it). Basically, in the next version of the Cloudera barclamp Crowbar will focus on physical infrastructure (our strength) and Cloudera Manager will focus on hadoop configuration (their stregth). I hope that helps for now. More details to follow.


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