Crowbar 1.2 released includes OpenStack Diablo Final

With the holiday rush, I neglected to post about Monday’s Crowbar v1.2 release (ISO here)!

The core focus for this release was to support the OpenStack Diablo Final bits (which my employer, Dell, includes as part of the “Dell OpenStack Powered Cloud Solution“); however, we added a lot of other capability as we continue to iterate on Crowbar.

I’m proud of our team’s efforts on this release on both on features and quality.  I’m equally delighted about the Crowbar community engagement via the Crowbar list server.  Crowbar is not hardware or operating system specific so it’s encouraging to hear about deployments on other gear and see the community helping us port to new operating system versions.

We driving more and more content to Crowbar’s Github as we are working to improve community visibility for Crowbar.  As such, I’ve been regularly updating the Crowbar Roadmap.  I’m also trying to make videos for Crowbar training (suggestions welcome!).  Please check back for updates about upcoming plans and sprint activity.

Crowbar Added Features in v1.2:

  • Central feature was OpenStack Diablo Final barclamps (tag “openstack-os-build”)
  • Improved barclamp packaging
  • Added concepts for “meta” barclamps that are suites of other barclamps
  • Proposal queue and ordering
  • New UI states for nodes & barclamps (led spinner!)
  • Install includes self-testing
  • Service monitoring (bluepill)

Looking forward

Dell has a long list of pending Hadoop and OpenStack deployments using these bits so you can expect to see updates and patches matching our field experiences.  We are very sensitive to community input and want to make Crowbar the best way to deliver a sustainable repeatable reference deployment of OpenStack, Hadoop and other cloud technologies.

17 thoughts on “Crowbar 1.2 released includes OpenStack Diablo Final

  1. Hi,
    I’ve just installed the latest crowbar [from crowbar111219.iso] in Oracle Virtual Box. I did not find any barclamps related to openstack. It does have the following barclamps:

    Redhat Install
    Ubuntu Install

    I was wondering whether the nova, glance, swift, keystone and horizon barclamps should be there by default or not. Please let me know.


  2. Hi,

    Thank you for this release.

    I’m struggling with changing the default IP subnet from the 192.168.124.x range to a test VLAN in our network. I’ve followed your instructions from the 1.1 version but when I run the install script it fails to install the barclamps and I’m not seeing any detail in the log files?



    • You can use git submodule init & git submodule update to get the OpenStack barclamps from the openstack-os-build branch. Or, you can use the OpenStack ISO which includes them. What are you trying to do?


      • I want to deploy a test setup of openstack. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough hardware to test it out. I do have some physical nodes to test the compute node. For now I will be deploying swift, glance and horizon in some virtual machines. I will let you know how it went.


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  4. I’m trying to deploy an OpenStack cloud on 80+ nodes and Barclamp seem to do the work fine.It’s just when I try to change the default network settings to match my needs it does not seem to work. I watched the video instructions but still keeps defaulting back to original subnet settings. Any advice would be appreciated.


  5. Hi Rob,
    I want to build an Crowbar – Openstack iso with your Crowbar (git clone)-v 1.2 running in ubuntu 11.04
    You can tell me is that true?
    and then your crowbar v1.3 say that support ubuntu 11.04
    Can i take that to build iso with that? and How?
    Thanks you for you attention!


  6. Now by the command :” git clone git:// ” I can get crowbar 1.2 or 1.3 ?

    Because I found ubuntu-11.04-extra folder and I can build with “./build_crowbar ubuntu-11.04” command ,
    but seem get ver1.2 in the iso file name is “crowbar-v1.2-openstack-354-gc6b6d62-dev.iso”
    Boot and install this file sucessfully, however get error chef-client failed ( connection refused port 4000 in the log file) wonder why?



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