Early crop of Crowbar 1.3 features popping up

My team at Dell is still figuring out some big items for the 1.3 release; however, somethings were just added that is worth calling out.

  1. Ubuntu 11.04 support!   Thanks to Justin Shepherd from Rackspace Cloud Builders!
  2. Alias names for nodes in the UI
  3. User managed node groups in the UI
  4. Ability to pre-populate the alias, description and group for a node (not integrated with DNS yet)
  5. Hadoop is working again – we addressed the missing Ganglia repo issue.  Thanks to Victor Lowther.
For items 2 – 4, I made a short video tour: Node Alias & Group

Also, I’ve spun new open source ISOs with the new features.  User beware!

11 thoughts on “Early crop of Crowbar 1.3 features popping up

  1. I installed openstack from the openstack 1.2 iso. How do I get my own VMs loaded into it? The euca2ools aren’t installed by any of the barclamps, so is that what I should use? I installed euca2ools with apt-get on the controller node, but I get “socket.error: [Errno 111] Connection refused” using the euca-upload-bundle command. I am using all the defaults, the only edit is the network json file to give BMC a router (otherwise the ipmi doesn’t get assigned a gateway). I am using Dell C6100 bare metal.


      • Maybe I didn’t ask the right question. Is the design of Crowbar to create a cloud that euca2ools works on, or is it intended that I use another utility to upload or create additional images? I’m wondering if I’m driving off a bridge here using euca2ools seeing as Crowbar didn’t install them, or did I not read the correct Chef tutorials, or how this is designed to work.


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  3. Hi Rob,

    I tried to build a crowbar -openstack with ubuntu 11.04and crowbar ver 1.2 but get an error with chef-client connection?
    Have Your crowbar 1.3 released ? is it stable with ubuntu 11.04 openstack ?

    Have you built any stable iso with ubuntu >=11.04 yet ?
    Can you instruct me do this?
    I download your iso from http://crowbar.zehicle.com/ ver 1.3 but get the same error above.

    I’m so confused with these.

    I try my best to waiting for your answer
    Thanks you so much


  4. Hi Rob,
    I am trying to build a centos crowbar iso to test for a dell blade environment; I’m getting some ruby errors with 2.0 during crowbar install; is there a stable build with the dell bios?


    • David – the crowbar list (http://bit.ly/crowbarlist) or IRC (#crowbar) is a faster way to get questions like this answered. 2.0 sledgehammer (which is the same as 1.5+ sledgehammer) is not being tested w/ 2.0. I’d recommend testing against the 1.5 code (“fred”) base.

      Note 1: Some of the 1.6 has EUFI support and that can cause strange interactions depending on various factors.
      Note 2: Dell BIOS is not in the open repos.


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