Podcast: Stephen O’Donnell on Massively Scaled Datacenters and Edge Service Layers for Innovation

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Stephen O’Donnell, Senior Analyst for Global Hive and author of What Every CIO Wants. He focuses on several interesting topics:

  • Building Massively Scalable Datacenters
  • What is the Edge? Complete 25 Use Case Definition
  • Enterprise Datacenters Move to Edge
  • Layering Solutions on Edge Services

Topic                                                            Time (Minutes.Seconds)
Introduction                                                   0.0 – 2.17
Lessons Learned at Data Center Scale    2.17 – 4.00
How make Changes at Scale?                    4.00 – 6.09 (Financial Driven)
Symbian Army                                               6.09 – 7.41 (Software Survival)
Changing Server Design Thinking              7.41 – 12.25
Operational Turnover                                    12.25 – 14.28 (All about ROI)
Edge Datacenter Definition                          14.28 – 21.58 (25 Use Cases: Latency, Human Life, …)
Street Furniture to Cloud                              21.58 – 22.53
Edge to Cloud Tiers                                       22.53 – 26.09 (Edge is Multi-Tenant)
Internet turn Inside Out                                 26.09 – 26.45
Data Flow Reverses                                        26.45 – 28.09 (Write Once / Read Never)
Enterprise Datacenters are Edge                 28.09 – 30.41
Managing Edge w/ Low Touch Solutions  30.41 – 33.20 (Edge Infrastructure Saloon)
Edge Infrastructure is not Wide-Open       33.20 –  37.40  (Can everyone leverage Edge?)
Wrap Up w/ Alexa                                         37.40 – END

Podcast Guest
Stephen O’Donnell, Senior Analyst, Global Hive

Steve O’Donnell has over three decades of global high technology experience. He is currently works as a Senior Analyst for Global Hive, a specialist Data Center consulting and analyst firm he founded. He served as Transformation Director for Ferguson plc working to fundamentally modernise business operations. He served as CIO for G4S plc, a managed services firm who are the second largest employer the world. He was CTO at Amlin Underwriting in the UK. He formerly served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GreenBytes (acquired by Oracle Corp), a Providence, Rhode Island-based manufacturer of cloud-scale Desktop Virtualization solutions, O’Donnell currently serves as Chairman of the Board at KSBC plc and Lanix, and Chairman of the Advisory Board at Eco4Cloud srl. O’Donnell is also a partner and founder at IABpro, a global Industry Advisory Board business

Previously, O’Donnell was CEO at MEEZA in Qatar, a large data center and managed services business, Managing Director at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), a leading analyst firm, Global Head of Data Centre Operations at British Telecom, and member of the Advisory Board at Fusion-io (FIO) and Violin Memory Inc (VMEM). He leads the judging panel of the Tech Trailblazers Awards.

Recognized as an expert commentator in Data Centres, Storage, IT Security and Cloud & Managed Services, O’Donnell has been the recipient of six industry awards including the British Computer Society Best Use of Green Technology. He has acted as a spokesperson for the IEEE on Cloud and IT Security, and is credited as the initiator of the Green Grid’s Data Center Maturity Model.


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