CloudOps white paper explains “cloud is always ready, never finished”

I don’t usually call out my credentials, but knowing the I have a Masters in Industrial Engineering helps (partially) explain my passion for process as being essential to successful software delivery. One of my favorite authors, Mary Poppendiek, explains undeployed code as perishable inventory that you need to get to market before it loses value. The big lessons (low inventory, high quality, system perspective) from Lean manufacturing translate directly into software and, lately, into operation as DevOps.

What we have observed from delivering our own cloud products, and working with customers on thier’s, is that the operations process for deployment is as important as the software and hardware. It is simply not acceptable for us to market clouds without a compelling model for maintaining the solution into the future. Clouds are simply moving too fast to be delivered without a continuous delivery story.

This white paper [link here!] has been available since the OpenStack conference, but not linked to the rest of our OpenStack or Crowbar content.

9 thoughts on “CloudOps white paper explains “cloud is always ready, never finished”

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