Podcast with Will Dennis talking Crowbar to Digital Rebar and BarClamps

Joining this week’s L8ist Sh9y Podcast is Will Dennis long-time member of the Crowbar community who continues to engage in helping drive Digital Rebar forward. Will is an excellent resource who takes us through the history from Crowbar to Digital Rebar Provision in a way that highlights how the project has changed and why the community scaled back from V2 to the new V3.1.

Topic                                                            Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Introduction                                                   0.0 – 1:12
What drew you to Crowbar?                       1:12 – 4:29
Secret Language                                          3:05 – 3:39
Ansible Add-On                                            4:29 – 5:08
Crowbar v2                                                     5:08 – 6:03
Heterogeneous Infra                                    6:03 – 8:25
v3 – What had to go?                                   8:25 – 11:12
Building Infra White Paper                         11:12 – 12:07
Cobbler Must Die                                         12:07 – 12:34
UNIX Concept                                              12:34 – 13:00
Cobbler Community                                   13:00 – 16:53
DR – Service in a Workflow                       16:53 – 18:42
HashiCorp & Linux Tool Model                 18:42 – 19:28
Upgrades                                                      19:28 – 20:09
Immutability                                                 20:09 – 26:35
Compromise for Immutable                     26:35 – 32:09
Perfect Fit for Digital Rebar                      32:09 – 33:20
3 Requests for DR Project                         33:20 – END

Podcast Guest: Will Dennis

Will Dennis is currently employed as a Senior Systems Administrator at NEC Laboratories America, and has over 25 years of experience in managing, installing, and troubleshooting enterprise computing systems, networks, and software. A lifelong learner, Will enjoys keeping current with both tech and culture in the field of Information Technology. Will can be found online on Twitter as @willarddennis, and thru LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/willdennis/

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