Cooking up OpenStack Chef recipes with Opscode

Our OpenStack team here at Dell has been busy getting Crowbar ready to open source and that does not leave much time for blog posts.  We’re putting on a new UI, modularizing with barclamps and creating network options for Nova Cactus.

Sharing is goodHowever, I wanted to take a minute to update the community about Swift and Nova recipes that we are intenionally leaking out to the community in advance of the larger Crowbar code drop.

As part of our collaboration with Opscode, Matt Ray, has been merging our recipes into his most excellent OpenStack cookbook tree.  If you want to see our unmerged recipes, we’re also posting those to our github.  So far, we have the Swift recipes available (thanks to Andi Abes!) with Nova to follow soon.

5/31 Update: These are now online.

3 thoughts on “Cooking up OpenStack Chef recipes with Opscode

  1. Thats really cool ! We can wait to get the open source version of Crowbar, in the meanwhile we’re working with Matt and Adrian in pxe_dust to bootstrap and deploy phisical harware in minutes. Keep up the good work guys !


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