Podcast with Chris Steffen on Security for Cloud, Edge, and the Coming of GDPR

In this week’s podcast, Chris Steffen, Technical Security Director at Cryptzone joins Rob Hirschfeld and myself to cover the latest topics in cloud, edge and data security. Chris is a well-respected cloud security expert with practical experience securing large infrastructures as well as an excellent speaker and influencer on all things security,

Key Highlights:

  • Current State of Cloud Security
  • Where & What is On-Premises?
  • Hardware Security and Lack of Industry Use
  • Coming of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation from European Union) and Impact on US and Global Industry

Topic                                                             Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Introduction                                                    0.0 – 0.30
State of Cloud Security                                0.30 – 2.52
Complexity is Enemy of Security               2.52 – 7.36 (Illusion of On-Prem being Secure)
People are a Vulnerability                           7.36 – 9.20 (Eliminate ALL People)
Rant Cast on Mgmt & Shadow IT               9.20 – 11.57 (Rant Podcast)
Cyxtera is Data Center / Why Security?   11.57 – 15.37 (More than Data Centers)
What is On-Prem?                                        15.37 – 20.00 (Physical Access is not Security)
Let’s Secure the Hardware                         20.00 –  21.39
Why Don’t Turn on H/W Tools?                 21.39 – 24.15
Disabling Security for Time to Market      24.15 – 26.02
GDPR is Coming                                           26.02 –  31.28
Data: Privacy and Ownership                     31.28 – 34.25
Edge Infrastructure and Security              34.25 – 36.29
Data Sensitivity in Edge Areas                   36.29 – 42.28 (Data locality and gov’t reach)
Conclusion and Wrap-Up                           42.28 – END

Podcast Guest: Christopher Steffen

Christopher Steffen joined Cryptzone in October 2016 as the Technical Director to educate and promote information security and regulatory compliance as it relates to network access management and cloud computing solutions. Before joining the team at Cryptzone, Chris served as the Chief Evangelist – Cloud Security for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). He has also served in executive roles as the Director of Information Technology at Magpul Industries (a plastics manufacturing company) and as the Principal Technical Architect for Kroll Factual Data (a credit service provider). Steffen has presented at numerous conferences and has been interviewed by multiple online and print media sources. Steffen holds several technical certifications, including CISSP and CISA. Follow him on Twitter at @CloudSecChris.