Podcast – Yadin Porter de León on critical open source community failings

Joining us this week is Yadin Porter de León (@porterdeleon), IT Community at Druva as well as from the Level Up Project and host of the Tech Village podcast.


  • Open Source Communities and the People
  • Relationship of Corporations in Open Source and Community
  • Users of Open Source care about Community?
  • Community’s should FOCUS and not overlap to adjacencies

Topic                                                                               Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Introduction                                                                     0.0 –  1.48
Community and people                                                1.48 – 2.14
Impact of code released on users                              2.14 – 5.47 (Community at speed of code)
Code can be an ugly child                                            5.47 – 8.55
Community can be an ugly child                                8:55 – 15.55 (Plamondon Podcast)
What open source is commoditizing                         15.55 – 20.25 (SIGs in projects & control)
How open source is being consumed                       20.25 – 25.53 (Guidance from Corp in OS)
Standard bodies and open source                             25.53 – 28.51 (Code has inertia)
Community changes to solve these issues               28.15 – 34.39 (Focus on core of project)
Defensive communities from code                            34.39 – 39.18 (Community volatility)
Projects must address existing customers               39.18 – 41.58
Wrap Up                                                                          41.58 – END

Podcast Guest: Yadin Porter de León, IT Community at Druva and Founder of Level Up Project

Yadin has been a B2B technology change agent across multiple industries for over 10 years. He currently leads content marketing, influence marketing and IT community at Druva and is the founder of the Level Up Project.  Yadin has helped grow companies small and large as a leader, individual contributor, and board member and, as a steering committee member of the Silicon Valley VMUG chapter, he has also been an event speaker and organizer.