Podcast with Peter Miron talking NATS Service, Edge and Cloud Native Foundation




Joining this week’s L8ist Sh9y Podcast is Peter Miron, General Manager for NATS project sponsored by Apcera provides details on this open source project how it integrates with modern application architecture as well as their participation in Cloud Native Foundation.

About NATS

NATS is a family of open source products that are tightly integrated but can be deployed independently. NATS is being deployed globally by thousands of companies, spanning innovative use-cases including: Mobile apps, Microservices and Cloud Native, and IoT. NATS is also available as a hosted solution, NATS Cloud

The core NATS Server acts as a central nervous system for building distributed applications. There are dozens of clients ranging from Java, .NET, to GO. NATS Streaming extends the platform to provide for real-time streaming & big data use-cases.


Topic                                      Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Introduction                                          0.00 – 2.07
What is NATS?                                      2.07 – 3.36
Built for Containers, Short Term        3.36 – 5.14
Simple Example                                    5.14 – 6.51
Container ServiceMesh Concept       6.51 – 9.20
Loosely Coupled?                                 9.20 – 12.02
Inter-process Communication           12.02 – 15.11
Security                                                  15.11 – 18.02
Generic Politics Discussion                18.02 – 24.10
Edge Computing & NATS                   24.10 – 28.55
Apps to Service Portability                 28.55 – 32.37
Open Source Politics – CNCF            32.37 – 39.53
Conclusion                                            39.53  – END

Podcast Guest: Peter Miron
General Manager for NATS team

Peter Miron is an architect at Apcera, a highly secure, policy-driven platform for cloud-native applications and microservices. He was previously the director of technology for Pershing.

Before joining Pershing, Miron worked as the SVP of engineering at Bitly and vice president at Vonage. He also worked as the CTO of Knewton.

Miron holds a bachelor’s degree in art history from Syracuse University.