Back of the Napkin to Presentation in 30 seconds

I wanted to share a handy new process for creating presentations that I’ve been using lately that involves using cocktail napkins, smart phones and Google presentations.

Here’s the Process:

  1. sketch an idea out with my colleagues on a napkin, whiteboard or notebook during our discussion.
  2. snap a picture and upload it to my Google drive from my phone,
  3. import the picture into my presentation using my phone,
  4. tell my team that I’ve updated the presentation using Slack on my phone.

Clearly, this is not a finished presentation; however, it does serve to quickly capture critical content from a discussion without disrupting the flow of ideas.  It also alerts everyone that we’re adding content and helps frame what that content will be as we polish it.  When we immediately position the napkin into a deck, it creates clear action items and reference points for the team.

While blindingly simple, having a quick feedback loop and visual placeholders translates into improved team communication.

OSCON preso: how Dell Crowbar brings DevOps to OpenStack Cloud (“No Soup for You!”)

Today I presented about how Crowbar + DevOps + OpenStack = CloudOps.   The highlight of the presentation (to me, anyway) is the Images vs Layers analogy of Soup vs Sandwiches.  I hope it helps explain why we believe that a DevOps approach to Cloud is essential to success.

Here’s the preso: OSCON 07 2011

I’ll add a link to the videos when they are available.

OpenStack “Operating Hyperscale Clouds” preso given at Design Summit on 4/27.

Today, I gave the a presentation that is the sequel to the “bootstrapping the hyperscale clouds.”  The topic addresses concerns raised by the BlackOps concept but brings up history and perspectives that drive Dell’s Solution focus for OpenStack.

You can view in slide share or here’s a PDF of the preso: Operating the Hyperscale Cloud 4-27

I tend to favor pictures over text, so you may get more when OpenStack posts the video [link pending].

The talk is about our journey to build an OpenStack solution starting from our drive to build a cloud installer (Crowbar).  The critical learning is that success for clouds is the adoption of an “operational model” (aka Cloud Ops) that creates cloud agility.

Ultimately, the presentation is the basis for another white paper.