Podcast – Simon Crosby on Revolutionary Architecture Requirements for Edge

Joining us this week is Simon Crosby, CTO at SWIM.AI. Simon discusses the architecture for Edge and its differences from existing cloud infrastructure and how the SWIM.AI solution meets the needs for Edge services.






  • Challenges in Edge
  • Data is Complete Disruption in Current Models
  • Don’t Train in Cloud for Edge; Instead Learn on Fly
  • All About Data – Apps can’t be Written for Data Specifically
  • Example of Sensor Model at Traffic Light in Self-Learning Model
  • Digital Twin Concept & Actor Model
  • AI Innovation ~ always as though its local
  • Independent Management of Latency and Resource Utilization
  • Write the Program from the Data
  • Example of Manufacturer with Millions of RFID Tags
  • Limitations of Having People Involved in Everything

Topic                                                                                   Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Introduction                                                                         0.0 – 1.55
Why is Edge a hard problem?                                          1.55 – 4.51
Local action is a concern (e.g. Palo Alto traffic lights)   4.51 – 8.12
Edge is served by Moore’s Law                                        8.12 – 9.07
Training problem solved by cloud is mistake                9.07 – 11.00 (Cloudcast Podcast)
Self-Training Edge infrastructure                                     11.00 – 16.03
Constrained problem set for data                                    16.03 – 17.42
Traffic Light example in detail from sensors                  17.42 – 18.48 (smartcity.swim.ai)
Digital twin concept                                                           18.48 – 20.19
Actor Model                                                                         20.19 – 24.33
Key Innovation in SWIM.AI                                                 24.33 – 27.55
Latency and resource utilization matter in Edge           27.55 – 31.03
What does a program look like in this model?              31.03 – 33.15
Building APIs on top of data stream                                33.15 – 37.04
Example of Manufacturer with RFID Tags                      37.04 – 42.55
Modeling everything by a person is not possible         42.55 – 44.23
Influence of analytics in SWIM.AI                                    44.23 – 46.39
Wrap Up                                                                               46.39 – END


Podcast Guest: Simon Crosby, CTO SWIM.AI

Simon Crosby brings an established record of technology industry success, most recently as co-founder and CTO of Bromium, a security technology company. At Bromium, Simon built a highly secure virtualized system to protect applications. Prior to Bromium, Crosby was the co-founder and CTO of XenSource before its acquisition by Citrix, and later served as the CTO of the Virtualization and Management Division at Citrix. Previously, Crosby was a principal engineer at Intel. Crosby was also the founder of CPlane, a network-optimization software vendor. Simon has been a tenured faculty member at the University of Cambridge. Simon Crosby was named one of InfoWorld’s Top 25 CTOs in 2007.