Podcast: Kong Yang on golden age of cloud, CI/CD and DevOps, and operator opportunity

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Kong Yang, Head Geek at SolarWinds. He also hosts the Wide World of Tech podcast. Key topics discussed in the podcast:

  • State of cloud computing ~ entering its golden age
  • IT & business units coming together to deal with shadow IT responsibly
  • Building technology on services with no control over them
  • CI/CD model
  • Operators skills and time available
  • Human aspect

Topic                                                   Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Introduction                                         0.0 – 1.58 (Gina Rosenthal Podcast)
Cloud is Settling In                             1.58 – 5.18 (Entering it’s Golden Age)
Is Amazon Frictionless?                    5.18 – 6.32 (Lack of Governance Issues for IT)
Multi-Technology Issues                  6.32 – 8.05 (IT must Partner with Business Units)
Moving Away from Control Infra     8.05 – 10.40
Tooling Choices                                 10.40 – 15.10 (Managing Services is Uneasy w/ no Control)
CI/CD                                                  15.10 – 22.15 (Dev’s view vs Ops view)
Time for Operators is Limited         22.15 – 25.55 (Always have to be learning)
Pipeline Specialization per Cloud  25.55 – 36.31 (People Challenges / SRE Half-Life)
Wrap Up                                             36.31 – END

Podcast Guest
Kong Yang, Head Geek at Solar Winds

Kong Yang is a Head Geek at SolarWinds® with over 20 years of IT experience specializing in virtualization and cloud management. He is a VMware vExpert, Cisco Champion, and active contributing practice leader within the virtualization and cloud communities.

Yang’s industry expertise includes application performance management, virtualization sizing and capacity planning best practices, community engagement, and technology evangelism. Yang is passionate about understanding the behavior of the application lifecycle and ecosystem – the analytics of the interdependencies as well as qualifying and quantifying the results to empower the organization’s bottom line.

He focuses on virtualization and cloud technologies; application performance management; hybrid cloud best practices; technology stacks such as containers, microservices, serverless, and cloud native best practices; DevOps conversations; converged infrastructure technologies; and data analytics. Yang is a past speaker at BrightTALK Summits, Spiceworks SpiceWorld, Interop ITX, and VMworld events.

He is also the owner of United States Patent 8,176,497 for an intelligent method to auto-scale VMs to fulfill peak database workloads. Yang’s past roles include a Cloud Practice Leader at Gravitant and various roles at Dell Technologies.

Follow Kong at @KongYang

Podcast: Gina Rosenthal (Minks) on Ops Challenges, Day 2 Ops Support, and Dev Ops Communication

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Gina Rosenthal (Minks), Product Marketing Manager, VMware and experienced sys-admin/operator. She also hosts the Wide World of Tech podcast.

  • Cloud debate on virtualization and hypervisors as requirement
  • What makes Ops so hard?
  • Technical Communities for Day 2 Ops
  • Community Support for Vendors and Open Source
  • Is DevOps different than 5 years ago?
  • Devs and Operators Communication and Working Together

Topic                                                   Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Introduction                                             0.0 – 0.55
Background and Current Work            0.55 – 2.05
Wide World of Tech Podcast                2.05 – 4.00
Sys-Admin and Operators                     4.00 – 4.50
vSphere & Hypervisors for Cloud         4.50 – 5.28 (Hypervisors are a MUST for Cloud?)
What is a Cloud? Virtualization              5.28 – 7.33 (Building Blocks are Virtual?)
OpenStack Experience                           7.33 – 8.16 (Didn’t Fix Metal Part)
What makes Ops so hard?                     8.16 – 12.25
Devs want latest and Ops has old        12.25 – 16.03 (Demos and Stories)
Demo Day 2 for Ops                                16.03 – 19.10 (Maintaining product post install issues)
Community Vendor vs Open Source    19.10 – 25.03 (Vendors not accepted in open source)
Choosing Multiple Vendors/Tech         25.03 – 27.18 (Innovations and Stability)
2 Classes of Operators                            27.18 – 30.00 (Tension b/w new and stable is good)
DevOps is Dead                                        30.00 – 37.44 (VMware covered over Ops issues)
Too Much Abstraction for Devs?            37.44 – 49.55 (Key to Ops and Devs Communication)
Wrap Up                                                     49.55 – END

Podcast Guest
Gina Rosenthal (Minks), Product Marketing Manager, VMware

I have a varied background: technical trainer, *nix sysadmin, technical training developer, community manager, social media marketing manager, and now product marketing manager.

Those are just my paid gigs, I also have a social justice background, and have been blogging for 12 years. All these threads weave together in interesting and powerful ways.

At my core, I’m a storyteller and educator. I’m interested in telling the story of technology in simple, clear terms.