Podcast – Jim Plamondon tells history of developer evangelism and so much more

Coming direct from Cambodia is a rare podcast with Jim Plamondon, the creator of how software platforms were built at Microsoft via APIs and developer evangelism. In this podcast, he talks about the early history of developer evangelism at Apple and Microsoft, the current state of open source, and the upcoming competitive industry coming from China and its roots in the third world.


  • Soviet Agriculture and Technology Market Comparison
  • Why NeXT and Apple Failed with Software Industry but iPhone Succeeded
  • China Industry Takeover is Coming: Product Price Points

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Note – If you are easily offended by language please consider skipping this podcast J

Topic                                                       Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Introduction                                           0.0 –  0.33
Creator of Developer Evangelism      0.33 – 4.58
Plamondon Files                                   4.58 – 5.53
Working with Hostile Community      5.53 – 7.02
Android vs iOS Platform                       7.02 – 7.46
Study: Apple vs Windows                    7.46 – 9.13
PC Industry – Mostly All Alive            9.13 – 10.00
Open Source has same Struggles     10.00 – 12.21 (Focus on individual not yechnology)
Cargo Cult & Hype Cycle                     12.21 – 16.11 (VR and AI are on version 3; not new at all)
Security Breach                                     16.11 – 17.01
Back to Hype Cycle                              17.01 – 19.03 (Markets find a solution that makes profits)
Latest thoughts on Open Source       19.03 – 23.25 (Zipf’s Law)
Time Buying Strategy                           23.25 – 25.07 (e.g. IBM Server response to Amazon S3)
Microsoft Anti-Trust & Apple Mgmt    25.07 – 28.45 (NeXT Failure)
iPhone walled Garden Worked           28.45 – 31.10
Android will defeat iPhone                   31.10 – 32.33
Internet Competition dead?                 32.33 – 36.07 (Here comes China)
Alibaba moves West                              36.07 – 39.45 (Take over 3rd world then US/Europe)
Per Capita Income Averages                39.45 – 43.55 (Own tiny consumer market than move up)
China and Open Source                        43.55 –  47.18
Western vs Asian Gov’ts                       47.18 – 49.50 (Go learn Mandarin)
Wrap Up                                                  49.50 – END


Podcast Guest: Jim Plamondon
Jim Plamondon is a retired Technology Evangelist, noted for formalizing Microsoft’s Technology Evangelism practices in the 1990’s.




Podcast: Dr. Will Venters on Innovation, Value of Data, and Cargo Cult

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Dr. Will Venters an Assistant Professor at London School of Economics and co-author of Moving to the Cloud Corporation.  This podcast focuses on the changes in innovation in the era of cloud computing, impact of data for edge computing and design, and cargo cult.

Topic                                                   Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Introduction                                         0.0 – 3.13
What is Netflix?                                   3.13 – 4.24
Pace of Innovation                              4.24 – 6.55
Reducing Innovation Friction            6.55 – 11.21
Access to Markets Matter                 11.21 – 13.15
What is Edge Computing?                13.15 –  20.54 (Lack of Connection to Data)
Surveillance Capitalism                     20.54 – 23.30  (GDBR Podcast)
Usability & Benefits                            23.30 – 24.29
Teaching Innovation                           24.29 – 27.35   (Value of Data)
Data is a Commodity Resource       27.35 – 29.19
Embed Data into Business                29.19 – 33.36  (Eric Reis new book The Startup Way)
Design for Obsolescence                  33.36 – 36.51
Modular Design & Control Loops    36.51 – 40.05
Cargo Cult                                            40.05 – 48.04   (Agile Process for Quality)
Wrap Up                                               48.04 – END

Podcast Guest
Dr. Will Venters, Assistant Professor, London School of Economics

Dr Will Venters is an Assistant Professor in Information Systems and Digital Innovation within the Department of Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He speaks regularly at practitioner conferences on various digital business issues, particularly around digital innovation, platforms and ecosystems and cloud computing; has briefed  European government policy makers and various company executives; and has undertaken consultancy in IT strategy and development. His research interests include Cloud Computing, Digital Platforms, AI, Internet of Things, and Agile innovation approaches. He has a first-class degree in computer science and a PhD in information systems. His research work has been published in major refereed journals including MIS Quarterly, Journal of Information Technology, the Journal of Management Studies, and the Information Systems Journal and co-authored the Palgrave book “Moving to the Cloud Corporation”. He is the author of a blog on digital technology www.binaryblurring.com and is an associate editor of the Journal Information Technology and People. http://www.willventers.com